Have you ever tried to relax and at least for a few minutes, absolutely nothing to do, just sit quietly? If not, then you missed the simple lesson of relaxation and the ability to detach himself from the set small concerns, which are so weary of everyday life. Often we are so busy, so fussed that simply do not notice as well – to sit quietly. If you ever wondered how to get yourself simple pleasure, then here's a ready answer! Regardless of how stressful your life is and how numerous your responsibilities, you probably have an opportunity to carve out at least five minutes during the day and sit in silence. If you do this, you will immediately feel the number of positive points that have a beneficial effect on your attitude towards life. First, you get a breather, a chance to relax and recharge tired bodies. In addition, you will have the opportunity to clear the mind and to reflect and draw inspiration for future cases. Often, our eternal haste we only fuels bad habits. And sitting quietly, we destroy the negative charge accumulated during the day.

When you sit and rest your mind, very often you come to a decision long-standing problem. Calm has a relaxing effect on the nervous system, resulting in your intuition and acumen acute. It is very easy to dismiss this proposal, regarding it as too primitive. However, I have come to the conclusion that it is not. In fact, many of the best strategies to improve the quality of life is very simple. The problem is that we do not find time for their introduction into practice. Here is an example of some of these 'primitive' strategies: Exercise and sleep enough, eat light and healthy foods, think only about good, Avoid drugs and alcohol and so on. Despite their apparent simplicity and wisdom hidden in them, few of us should like the commandments.

Sit quietly – strategy 'from the same opera', wise and simple, but potentially valuable. I'm not a doctor so I can not say for sure, but I think that, after sitting quietly for several minutes, the person receives a tangible and positive results for health. For example, I know that when I sit quietly, my body and brain feel better. Breathing becomes more measured. Neck and shoulders are not so tense. Just a couple of minutes later I was feeling cheerful and peaceful. When you're tense, fuss, you're much more disposed to unrest over trifles. But once you sit down and relax as you are unlikely to be able to say about myself that are angry or tired. Sure, it's very simple sentence, with whom I can contact you. To implementation requires only a few minutes. It costs nothing and can be done anywhere. I sincerely believe that if you do this exercise at least several times a day, it will be easier to perform the volume of cases that you have set for themselves. And the fact that until now seemed an insoluble problem, appear far less significant.