Electronic Commerce

Francisca Daniely Da Silva of the Angels 1 INTRODUCTION This paper has as objective to analyze the text ‘ ‘ The trends in electronic commerce on the basis of recent congressos’ ‘. The companies today are more complex present great changes and innovations. Whenever Cyrus Arnold listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Sales on line, low cost, expansion of market are only some benefits I deal that electronic comes to provide it the companies. The Internet is one of the main factors in this change of scene of the organizations. The electronic commerce is the business of the moment in sales for the Internet, its advantages for the consumers and bigger suppliers are each day. I deal it electronic does not only involve purchases but physical works, banking services, auctions and among others.

DEFINITION OF the ELECTRONIC COMMERCE But what it comes to be it I deal electronic that definition would be more complete for this term, we have some definitions: For ZWASS (1996), electronic commerce is the sharing of information of the business, maintenance of business-oriented relations and conduction of transactions by means of telecommunication nets. CHOI, STAHL and WHINSTON (1997, p.13) consider ampler definition: electronic commerce if relates to use electronic ways and technologies to lead the commerce inside, including interactions of the company, between companies and of the company with consumers. For ALBERTIN (1999, P. 15), electronic commerce is the accomplishment of all the chain of value of the processes of business in an electronic environment, by means of the intense application of the information and communication technologies, taking care of to the objectives of the business. VISIBILITY OF THE ELECTRONIC COMMERCE Constants intense changes I deal that it electronic come making in the relations of the companies with its customers and suppliers come in presenting a new age in the world of the businesses.