Drilling Machine

If there is no drilling machine in the shop fitter-lover, you can make your hands a machine from scrap materials and components. Because of the technological breakthrough in the photofission obsolete hundreds of thousands enlargers. They are gathering dust in storage rooms and attics, and many just do not hand up to throw them, because they often look brand new and they are associated with pleasant memories. Of course, the magnifying glass can be unscrew and wire socket for light bulbs used as portability. Not in such quantity, but lacking in the same storage locations for items that pity to throw away household whisk – mixers, in which plastic worm gear drive is erased.

Of course, if there is a set of cap-grinder, throw, usually in no hurry, though, and pray to coffee or sugar in the packing of the new mixer. Of obsolete parts enlargers and half Broken mixer is quite possible to build small, you want an amateur studio, drilling machine. Enlarger taken from a table-base with a reception at which the vertically moving carriage and lamp, lens, and etc. And from the mixer – motor speed changes with the system (speed or smoothly varying). The first thing to wear on the motor shaft chuck drill with a diameter of about 6 mm. Carve their own transition sleeve with Morse Taper problematic, so you can order this item. Everything else can be done in not very equipped workshop.

Pliers, wire cutters, bolts, nuts, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc. – there are at Designers enthusiasts. Yes, and calipers to measure – not uncommon in their workshops. Screw the motor to the carriage enlarger different ways, depending on their design features. Can use, or a rectangle of sheet aluminum or Plexiglas, or press the motor yoke of tin (preferably stainless steel tank of the Soviet washing machine). Not far from the bar magnifier can be screw the box to the switch and the switch speed mixer, from which on the one hand leaves the cable and plug for electrical connection, preferably with a grounding wire. The second flexible cable with a length designed for maximum lift carriage, is connected to the motor clamp and pressed to the carriage. Depending on the electrical mixer, the cable will need a 5-6 wire. Setting up a homemade drill the machine is reduced to equalize the vertical axis along which the drill will move up and down. You can optionally be screwed under point Lowering drill a small gripe, but in extreme cases – clamp, for which bolted to the table a special corner. Source: wansel – Drills on metal, drills, levels, Bubble, gidrourovni, cutting wheels, fasteners, hardware purchase in Minsk.