Digital Callipers

Vernier caliper measurement notes outside mass should measurement of dimensions should open first band of the claw size slightly larger than the measured using measurement of dimensions should open first band of the claw size slightly larger than the measured, then fixed and tested the surface by measuring the paw, and then slowly walk push box, so that activity measurements gently touch claw measured surface, claws, and a stroll through the activities, to find the minimum size of the site, use the correct measurements properly. Caliper measurements by two feet should be measured perpendicular to the surface. Also after reading activities claws remove first, then remove the brake caliper from the DUT; Activity in feet measured do not release until the brake calipers is not allowed, yank down. Measurement of the diameter of the opening should be fixed first claw smaller than the appropriate size, then against a Measuring thigh hole wall leaning measured are, and then slowly remove the foot box, so that activities along the direction of the diameter measured carefully claw contact hole wall, then measure the wall a little paw into the hole swim, to identify the maximum size of the parts. The focus should be placed on the measurement direction paw hole diameter. Measurement is the caliper method Groove width and the measurement aperture actuation similar to the location of the measurement should be able also with the right paw used perpendicular to the container wall measurement of depth, should the ruler made calipers and measured are body parts under the final adjustment upwards, after pushing down and the depth of your feet, gently contact with the appropriate below measurement of hole centers and the distance between the measuring level, Measuring the distance of the two hole, measuring notes measurement of force should be appropriate, can with micro devices (during the measurement of force control use) of the brake caliper selection of the appropriate part of the the Klauenmasse, measurements should try to avoid the use of knife-shaped surface measuring body with near-foot flat measuring face. To fit, measure the temperature if measured caliper and the temperature of the same piece, measuring temperature and standard temperature tolerances can be relaxed. the appropriate measure, to increase the number of average..