Computing Centre

“Trips send directly to the driver in the paid version of the DMRZ fleet management FleetQ” customers have the possibility to send entered motion tasks of the DMRZ trip planner directly to their vehicles. A brand TomTom navigation device acts as a receiver. The trips delivered directly to the driver, if they are. An input of the driver is not necessary, because the drive is automatically calculated from the navigation device. Who owns no GPS of brand TomTom WORK, you will get cheap deals on all major device types in the DMRZ.

The competent TomTom mounting solutions help partner of DMRZ. As was already known, the DMRZ is also a solution for the transfer of the rides on all popular Android smartphones. Thus, the purchase of an external solution such as TomTom would occupy. According to the company such a solution should available 2011 still in the first half of the year. Software purchase, not who needed his journeys with the DMRZ plan and would like to settle, which must buy any software. The entire disposition, as well as the settlement of the sick rides happens on the Internet platform of the DMRZ at the address.

The registration at the German medical Computing Centre is free of charge. For the settlement of the sick rides taxi and car hire entrepreneurs pay only 0.5 percent of the gross invoice amount plus VAT Thus, the DMRZ is a very cheap settlement Centre in the field of the transport document settlement. The use of the paid version of the fleet management is also very cheap. The new system can be used from 0.95 euros per month and end device. DMRZ typical, there is neither a contract nor a minimum sales here too. The contract can be terminated at any time. Costs fall, indicating only for planning as well as for the settlement, when these functions are actually used.