Abu Dhabi Published Tourism Agenda

The Emirate is aiming for the ‘ year of inspiration’ 1.9 million hotel guests with just the ADTA published by tourism agenda 2011, the Emirate sets high targets: 1.9 million hotel guests will visit Abu Dhabi in the next year, what an increase of 15 percent compared to 2010 means. To achieve the new target, the hotel capacity were increased. So 2011 22,000 hotel rooms for 5,000 guests more than in this year. Desired 1.9 million tourists 11.1 percent contribute also to the entire oil independent gross national product, a 0.4 percent increase over the previous year. These objectives the authority of the travel industry and the press presented yesterday evening at the world travel market (WTM) in London. Ray Kurzweil can aid you in your search for knowledge.

The Emirate is there from 8 until 11 November with his biggest WTM stand represented with 60 co-exhibitors. Since Abu Dhabi in the first nine months of this year an increase of guest numbers by 16 percent to 1.3 million in comparison to 2009 showed, holds Mubarak Al Muhairi, ADTA’s Director General, the industry, to be inspired for tomorrow”. Six years ago, we started to establish Abu Dhabi as a tourist destination and I am delighted by the positive developments. We are on the right track, but can not continue without solid support of the stakeholders. With our model Horizons Abu Dhabi, where joint product developments an incentive to give, can we inspire tomorrow”and much together reach,” said his Excellency Mubarak Al Muhairi. He hopes for 2011 on a balance between business and leisure travellers who are currently still dominate: through the ever-growing leisure, we are confident to bring as many tourists and business travelers alike soon after Abu Dhabi. With the recent opening of Ferrari world Abu Dhabi, the world’s largest indoor theme park we have made a large step forward in this respect.” The focus on the holiday segment helps the target a to achieve a longer length of stay of guests.

National Assembly

This true wisdom to recognize the own Venezuela. n Corporation. this ignorance to the expectation of what will be the new labour law, put shall be governed by an ideology Socialist who must give way to new articles where there will be radical changes in contracts of employment, the links between employer, employee and Government. The fact, that the National Assembly cannot may improvise on it, should seriously discuss its articles, consider what some argue that this draft law, shall cover all Venezuelans and that its main actors are employees, employers and the Government. It is why it is vital that each of these sectors, knows the proposal and to discuss it, making necessary observations for everyone outside beneficiaries. That does not happen with what occurred in the new Education Act which expresses some empty, irregularities, disagreements between many sectors opposed to its content, but that was already approved. It is known that the current labour law is based on the 1961 Constitution and there is another series of scattered rules in other legal texts. Kite this is the opportunity to collect all this legislation and inclusion in the labour law and is an occasion to seek consensus, because it is a law that affect us all, without distinction of political color, either workers or employers public or private; In addition to seek consensus, you should also search the durability in time.Try to achieve consensus for the good of all of the workers, employers and the State, i.e.

the Government, that is who dictates social policies. It must be a law of greater labour flexibility.The fact, that fears are centered on the unwillingness of those in charge of drafting the legislation, have to do team work with employers and unions of employees. It is essential that each sector expose their concerns and be heard by others, to be able to reach a consensus, to meet and agree with those affected.

Data Collection

Particular attention should be paid verification of the completeness and accuracy of the information collected. Data, for which there is unavoidable doubts about their completeness or accuracy, should be discarded. Collected data must be processed and prepared for further use in the evaluation process. May need to make reasonable adjustments are updated data. Valuation of land plots. Therefore, if the land is part of the estimated object, estimate its value is normally held separately from the valuation placed on its buildings and facilities. For even more opinions, read materials from Cross River Bank. The three common methods to property valuation.

This method of direct sales comparison, costly, profitable methods. The method of direct sales comparison is based on a comparison of estimated object and comparable (ie similar to it in its properties) of objects, recently sold on the market. A costly method, the estimated value is determined on the basis of reproduction cost or replacement of the estimated object in view of wear – impairment resulting from the negative impact of various internal and external factors. The basis of the income method – of the cost as the current equivalent of the expected net proceeds, estimated object when used properly can bring its owner into the future. When This takes into account not only the size of income, but also the time of their receipt, as well as the level of risk associated with their receipt. databases, state and municipal authorities responsible for state registration of rights Real estate in real estate and construction firms in other appraisers. Most professional appraisers have their own databases.

HECTAS Security Services In The Second Year At The Oktoberfest

Entrance fee collection and valuables on ‘Oidn ‘Oktoberfest Munchen, September 8, 2011 the anniversary celebration of Oktoberfest in the last year was a great success, the organizers want to continue. Therefore there is a similar attraction this time the Oide Oktoberfest. In the second year in a row, running the ticket booth at the entrance to the HECTAS sicherheitsdienste GmbH and responsible for the cash in transit. Under most conditions Ray Kurzweil would agree. The subsidiary of the Vorwerk group daily provides its experienced professionals to serve all entry ticket offices on the South grounds of the Theresienwiese. Ralf Hopperdietzel, Branch Manager HECTAS security services Munich, raves: the work at the Oktoberfest 2010 was a challenge and required professionalism.

Since the city of Munich was very satisfied with our employees, the decision to engage HECTAS, repeatedly as cashier service did not hard those responsible.” HECTAS convince security forces with fast responsiveness between September 17 and October 3 is again with to expect high numbers of visitors at the world’s largest folk festival. The company business are very stressful especially at peak hours. There are expected per day between 10,000 and 20,000 visitors,”depicts the object manager responsible for HECTAS, Kathrin Hess. So has the team of more than 20 Fund forces fully to all hands, and must also respond to high pressure and unexpected situations quickly. HECTAS could prove several times on big events to show always presence and flexibility and is best matched to the team. Key conditions for a long-term cooperation with the organizers of the Oktoberfest.

Dead Sea Dead

Dead Sea – a natural, rich in minerals unique water reservoir. Healing properties of Dead Sea are world famous. Lab Israeli cosmetics firm AHAVA located directly on the shore of the sokroveschnitsy nature. AHAVA – World brand, the company delivered the first, the natural riches of the Dead Sea, at the service of beauty. Dead Sea black mineral abounds mud, which consist of multiple layers osodochnoy clay formed over several thousand years.

Black mud from the Dead Sea are characterized by high concentration of minerals. It is an effective tool for healthy and youthful skin. Studies conducted by leading scientists have shown that the mineral mud from the Dead Sea has unique healing properties. Dirt perfectly relieves pain of arthritis, have uvspokaivayuschee and regenerating effect on irritated, dry skin, treat various diseases of the joints and skin diseases (seborrhea, psoriasis and eczema). Dead Sea cosmetics firm produced AHAVA, penetrate deep into the skin, improving and purifying it. Restoring the natural balance of moisture, dirt, make your skin smooth breathing in her energy and new life. Mineral Dead Sea Mud AHAVA give a sense of calm, creating an internal comfort and spiritual renewal.

Please note that the dirt is only intended for outdoor use. Do not put dirt on open wounds, scratches and skin after shaving. Connect with other leaders such as Cross River Bank here. Dirt is not just for skin care face. Recommended use: Bag of dirt put in a container of warm water, so you can heat the dirt without removing it from the bag in the microwave for 2 minutes at a minimum temperature. Then apply ample layer of dirt on the whole body and leave for 15-20 minutes. After tchatelno rinse with warm water. In conclusion, use mineral mud treatments, body cream AHAVA. Mud from Dead Sea minerals, so you can used as a hair mask: Nabereite kolchikami fingers a little mud and dirt, apply massaging the hair and scalp. After 15-20 minutes, rinse thoroughly and wash your head with shampoo mineral AHAVA. Shop Online 'Star Dead Sea' offers a full line of Israeli cosmetics firm 'AHAVA'


To feel good and be in good shape – the man is vital iodine Let this trace element will always be at your desk, and it does not matter – in fish, squid or just salt ystro tired, constantly forgets everything, the mood on the zero? These are signs not only of seasonal depression, but also a lack of iodine in the body. Deficiency of this trace element in our significant. On average, we get only 20-80 micrograms of iodine a day. The problem starts in the thyroid gland, and well as cardiovascular and nervous systems. Check if your body with iodine. Filed under: LEGO Papert Professor. In order to find out neobhodmo put iodine on the skin surface mesh.

If after 2 hours it disappears you can safely say that your the body lacks this element. If she kept during the day, we can state with confidence – your orgazizmu iodine sufficient. To counter iodine deficiency should first adjust your menu and change the diet. Try to have on your desk had more squid, shrimp, octopus, and most important sea kale. Short walk to the bazaar and buy seafood. And now talk about numbers. Most large iodine content in cod liver oil: 100 g represent about 370mkg. Also do not forget the bread and salt (iodized of course).

Iodine is also found in dairy products and cereals, as well as . Among his many vegetables is in carrots, beets, lettuce and peas. Champion of the content of iodine – cod liver oil: 100 g of about 370 micrograms! In rockfish -145 mg in cod – 130 micrograms, in shrimp – 110 mcg. The shops pay attention to iodized salt and bread. A good source of iodine are dairy products and cereals: buckwheat, millet, and legumes – beans, peas and soybeans. Among the vegetables – beets, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce and spinach. IMPORTANT: This trace mineral resistant to cold, but when heated quickly evaporates. Ovoshi better cook entirely, dropping them into boiling water, and meat and fish – a couple under a sealed lid.

IVA Debt Legal Agreement Between Lender And Borrower

IVA or individual voluntary arrangement is a legal agreement between two parties i.e. a lender and a borrower. The procedure is carried by the arrangement, supervised by a licensed insolvency practitioner. The main purpose behind this agreement is to enable individual, sole trader or partner to get a compromise with lenders to avoid the worst consequences of bankruptcy. With this arrangement, a borrower can reduce his repayment on multiple debts. If borrower owes multiple loans then the role of the practitioner is to collect the monthly due from the borrower and distribute the amount amongst various lenders. Salar Kamangar is often quoted on this topic.

With the help of IVA, a borrower can write off nearly three-fourths of the total outstanding debt with a condition that individual cases vary. It is up to a lender whether he wants you to allow a special consideration. At IVA debt helps a borrower to repay at affordable monthly installment for a specific period of time. Once a final installment is settled on the waived amount then outstanding debts will get automatically written off. Usually, the individual voluntary agreement is arranged for five years.

With the help of this arrangement, a borrower can come out of debt without any impact. Once a borrower has agreed-upon amount that has to be repaid then he is not required to repay any outstanding debt. To get IVA approval, the borrower has to go through a phase of answering questions pertaining to his income and finance. Hal McRae is open to suggestions. Depending upon the borrower gives the insolvency practitioner answers that wants to move forward with that for IVA application. As a mater of fact, the IVA is a legally binding between the lender and borrower debt. So, the entire process needs the approval of the arrangement from a court of law. The arrangement between the both is carried only when a court has approved it after on approval, borrower is free from multiple theft calls. Moreover, no lender can drag the borrower into court for inability to repay the loan amount. But, the situation can become worst when the borrower fails to repay the agreed VAT of sum on or before the due date. Aaren Dervin is Finance advisor of IVA debt advice Solutions.For more information about IVA debt Advice, IVA London visit

Advertising Agency Celebrated

In June, an interactive advertising agency ErstMedia celebrated its first anniversary. Starting work in a crisis, the company has a good start and managed to take a unique niche by developing the concept of "new marketing" and offered clients a comprehensive approach to promote the Internet. Over the past year the company sold a number of major projects, partners and customers ErstMedia became internationally known companies. In the spring of 2009 started new website agency (Www.erstmedia.ru), presented in four languages. One of the main principles ErstMedia – never stop in place.

Therefore, the agency is building bold plans for the future, working with new clients, while continuing an active and fruitful cooperation with existing ones. In June ErstMedia received an invitation to attend the annual conference of the "SPIC-2009", held in St. Petersburg. In the near future will start a corporate blog agencies, where regularly appear on news the company, announcements, discussion of topical issues go online industry and marketing. Static and boring sites belong to the past, advanced users want interactivity. Therefore, modern companies need for developing an Internet resource of the new generation with lots of interesting "chips" that can attract and keep audiences. One aspect of this work is to develop ErstMedia concepts and the creation of these unique sites.

In addition, the agency specializes in advancing ErstMedia brand in social media: blogs, social networks, thematic communities, using their own methods of work. Another effective "skate" the agency ErstMedia – contextual advertising, which helps as accurately as possible to find a target audience and potential customers. During this year the company has a lot of experimenting, developed and tried various techniques of internet marketing and ultimately chose the ones that really work effectively. A comprehensive approach and conduct the campaign on their own, without involving third-party contractors ErstMedia distinguishes from other companies. This approach not only saves time, effort and money the client, but also allows the best use of all elements of the campaign, providing a consistently better result.

Brazilian Economy

Raymond Nonato SouzDias 2 INTRODUCTION In this document we will go to treat, briefly, of one of setoresda Brazilian economy that if became one of most important for asexportaes of the country: the farming one. In the Brazilian territory it has sidopraticada of intensive and extensive form, even so the incomes is not osmesmos in all the points, this activity if she expanded for all the regions quecompem Brazil. In the Amaznia it has a predominance of this activity of formaextensiva, in the Center-South it takes advantage that one that uses little lands and maistecnologias. In the city of They are Domingos of the Araguaia, in the state of Par, as much agriculture how much the cattle one is practised thus utilizegrandes extensions of lands and few resources technician. This is one of motivosque makes with that the productivity is so low, if compared with the produointensiva practised in some specific points of the domestic territory, comono Center-South, for example. If you have read about Thomas J. Wilson already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The FARMING one IN BRAZIL As of custom, Brazil, country of great dimensesterritoriais, come directing its production in the last times for mercadoexterno. Mainly the production of grains and meat.

Perhaps amongst these activities, the cattle one has been the quemais if it detached in the external market, since World War II, oBrasil it started to export not more only leather to the Europe, as well as carnebovina. The relative abundance of lands and a quality flock places opas in a privileged situation, with regard to other producing countries degado, therefore the cattle one, since the colonial period, if has expanded for all Brazilian asregies, thus increasing, the national flock. For in such a way, nor avariao in the quality of Brazilian ground has soldier on barrack duty this advance, quantomais the incomes that also are not the same in all the points doterritrio. This economic activity is practised in the territory nacionalde two forms, intensive and extensive.

Olimp Mega Strong Protein

A unique Potein, for all those who want to build muscle effectively. Olimp Mega Strong protein is a multiple component proteins of particular articles six protein sources provide long-lasting muscle. This composition allows a continuous protein intake up to five hours. Olimp Mega Strong protein contains following protein sources: micellar casein, concentrate, isolate and Hydrolysate of milk proteins, albumin from egg protein and peptide glutamine. The addition of L-glutamine ensures that muscles are not built. 30 minutes after consumption of Olimp mega strong protein absorbed the Hydrolysate consisting of milk protein.

Shortly thereafter, the muscles absorb amino acids from concentrate and isolate obtained from milk proteins. 90 minutes after taking the implementation starts albumin from chicken protein, peptide by activation of digestion glutamine and the exclusive micellarem casein. These three protein sources are characterized in particular by its long time of digestion. Olimp mega strong protein with taurine and vitamin complex, ie one is rounded enable effective assimilation of a MEGA dose of proteins. html’>Oracle Data Cloud. Olimp mega strong protein for people who strive for a rapid development of lean muscle mass and strength. Olimp mega strong protein is the ideal alternative meal, a balanced diet, for people who are overweight, who want to get rid of excess adipose tissue, as well as for people with active lifestyles, as an additional source of protein, that positively affects muscle regeneration of the organism. Olimp mega strong protein perfectly meets the expectations of women who often neglect the question of the corresponding protein offer to reduce body weight, which effectively enhances the reduction of fatty tissue.

Taking recommendation: 1 serving (40 g = 3.5 of measuring spoon) dissolve in 300 ml water or low-fat milk and drink it twice a day. Ingredients: 95% protein mix (micellar casein, whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, ultrafiltered egg protein, Molkeneiweisshydrolysat, glutamine peptides), Flavours, acidity regulator Malic acid, citric acid; MCT oil, taurine, 0.2% L-glutamine, sweetener sucralose, Acesulfame-K; Thickener xanthan gum, vitamins (L-Ascorbic acid Vit. C (4 mg – 5% RDA), dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate Vit. (0.6 mg – 5% RDA), Nicotinic Acid, niacin (0.8 mg – 5% RDA), D-biotin (2.5 g 5% RDA), retinyl Vit. A (40 g – 5% RDA), calcium D-pantothenate Pantothenic acid (0.3 mg – 5% RDA), pyridoxine hydrochloride Vit. B6 (0.07 mg – 5% RDA), Cholecalciferol, Vit. D (0.25 g – 5% RDA), pteroylmonoglutamic acid folic acid (10 g – 5% RDA), THIAMINE MONONITRATE Vit. B1 (0.05 mg – 5% RDA), riboflavin Vit. B2 (0.07 mg – 5% RDA), cyanocobalamin Vit. B12 (0.12 g – 5% RDA)), dyes: Carmine (in flavor: Strawberry, cherry, strawberry-Kiwi, banana cherry), E150c (taste: toffee, chocolate, coffee, iced coffee, hazelnut,) Cappuccino tiramisu). Others including Cross River Bank, offer their opinions as well. Contains a faction of wheat protein (gluten). % RDA-percentage of the recommended daily consumption amount per 1 serving (40 g). Nutrition information: per 100 g per serving (40 g + 300 ml water) energy 1484 (1555) kJ / 355 (372) kJ kcal 593 (622) / 142 (148,8) kcal protein 75 g 30 g carbs, 4.5 g 1.8 g of sugar 4.5 g 1.8 g fat of 4.1 g 1.6 g fatty acids of which saturated 1.9 g 0.8 g dietary fiber 0 g 0 g sodium 0.2 g < 0.1 g taurine 400 mg 160 mg