Enrique Castillano

If the person has significantly overweight, it is recommended to lose weight ideal weight for the results of the operation are optimal. Abdominoplasty is performed under local anesthesia and may require several hours to be carried out, which of course depends on the amount of tissue to be removed. Such As explained above, each case is different, so a patient may require more extensive intervention than another. Following the procedure, along with the incision made in the lower abdomen of the patient, take another just around the navel. In the case of partial abdominoplasty, the cuts are much smaller and the navel is maintained in the same position.

After making the incisions, the surgeon proceeded to remove both fat and excess skin from the abdominal wall lifting up toward the ribs. Once the fat and tissue are removed, the abdominal muscles are reduced and sutured together so that they are tight and give the patient a smaller waist. Through another incision, creating a new opening for the new position of the navel, which is placed in its new location using the new skin stitches. During this phase of the operation, any groove or scar present on the skin can be removed easily. Once the abdominoplasty, the incisions are stitched by the doctor and the stomach is wrapped in gauze for recovery. After placing a temporary tube, specifically a surgical drain which serves to remove any type of fluid build up in the operated area, which helps reduce inflammation that an intervention as it is produced. Plastic surgeons recommend an observation period of at least eight days during which the patient must remain at rest to see that the recovery is carried in the best way possible. In some countries like Costa Rica, where they perform plastic surgery quality, low price, usually the price of the transaction includes a package of stay in which the patient can enjoy a short holiday before treatment. This way you can see the attractions of another country while improving aesthetics. If you are considering having a tummy tuck, you should take into account that the cost varies with each patient, which before should be examined by an experienced plastic surgeon that determines whether this intervention is really right for you. Enrique Castillano novelist and writer of articles about interesting things found on the Internet.

Francisco Arias Solis

THE NATIONAL botched “I explained simply: the water that is confusing can run transparently.” Rafael Alberti. The generalization of the black economy is every indication that in Spain the economy continues to grow. More and more people working on their own and without a license. Our economy is considered along with that of Greece and Italy at the head of that process every day, “more leaders and fewer Indians.” The explanation is clear: those who are self-employed tax-saving. Many are “false self” that have undercover workers who work for them. Anyway there is a trend towards the generalization of the hidden economy in a general climate of “earn you money quickly and as” a divisive and deregulatory environment.

The wide dispersion of productive units that can not even be considered “companies submerged” leads us to open for them the category of “bungling”. The organization deployed is minimal, the invention is accumulating maximum. We do not want employers to be employers nor entrepreneurs. Until work is done with conventional weapons study of statistics or surveys. In the manufacturing sector at the end of the process eventually “emerge” items must be sold. In the case of many services, the “fudge” for may remain invisible indefinitely.

In some activities emerge only part, the necessary structure and cover other areas in an irregular situation. The same individual may have a regular job with all of the law, and in addition a number of activities more loose, spontaneous, free. The typical fudge usually many times the character of second activity. Although it continues to repeat the truism that “people do not know what to do with their free time,” the truth is that a large and growing number of people think your time is more scarce and valuable possessions. Our country has created what might be called “ethics of sloppy.” The tributaries are thrown, symbolically, to the botched, as the bandits to the mountain to try to deliver on their own what they think is plenty in the treasury rich among the “poor” are themselves. This decision was taken millions of times a day. We can say that virtually no Spanish is alien to it. The climate of social legitimization of “bungling” creates a certain comfort of consciousness and engenders passivity of which, in recent years, involving all social partners, although some actively and passively. However, it is a vision that can not continue without falling socially fragile and dangerous paths. Because, as the poet said: “And to tell you / that in these accounts to Spain / mourn but not touch.” Francisco Arias Solis mutual support, as demonstrated by our colleague Kropotkin, predisposes us to the practice of solidadaridad. (Phrase Salvochea Fermin glossed in the book: 102 reasons to remember Salvochea) of Internet Portal for Peace and Freedom Forum Free.

The New War Of The Ebooks: Amazon Vs Apple

Surely we do not see the IPAD sold in the shop was selling just as it was launched, but more important is that it is changing the world of ebooks and forcing advertisers and consumers to adopt a particular position. Yesterday surfing the Internet in various blogs as applediario.com, enriquedans.com I was with the news that Amazon would not sell more books Macmillan, one of the largest publishers in the world. In truth is that Amazon does not sell any book from Macmillan, in fact his most popular book The Gathering Storm as it continues to sell. You can still buy Macmillan books by Amazon, except those more recent. According to The New York Times this excitement that was generated in the world of ebooks was the emergence of IPAD. The problem was that Amazon Macmillan asked who wanted to renegotiate the current prices and compensation contracts. Amazon demanded that an increase from 9 to 15 dollars in some of his books and separate the sales plan 70/30.

This model is exactly the same as used Apple Iphone and you will use for its new store ebooks. Amazon’s response was quite flexible, but it began to move to leave out of their virtual shops some of the Macmillan books. Because they characterize this new Ebooks War was natural hazard a possible war between Apple and Amazon since it was announced the possible release of IPAD.