Organization Development

4. SWOT analysis is required to do specific work for the manager to identify weaknesses, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses and produce your own assessment, thereby supporting elements may be defined for the development of policy management and missing elements, the executive must acquire, supplement or enhance, through a parallel training plan with the aim of […]

Intercultural Mediation

The processing capacity of mediation is the key to the boom ‘re getting today. The figure of mediation is now a complete and plural phenomenon, quite recently, in Spain does not have much more than ten years. Here we should make it clear that the scope of mediation which relates to our interest that occurs […]

Benefits of Multi-linguilism

In a society as competitive as today knowing more than one language can be a decision or an ability to be very successful, so much so that by simply knowing English or French, you can get a job more easily or earn a higher salary if already have one. In our country the mother tongue […]

Luxury Cruise Lines

A luxury cruise is exactly what the name implies, a cruise at the upper end of the spectrum – not just five stars but a six-star cruise. There are six cruise lines that are in the luxury class: Crystal Cruise Line, Cunard Cruise Line, Radisson Seven Seas, the yachts of Seabourn, Silversea Cruise Line and […]

What Is Check 21?

Check 21 is the common name for the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act. It’s a new law that was recently passed by Congress and made a law when signed by the President of the United States (remember “I’m just a bill” of cartoons on Saturday morning). Check 21 basically streamlines the traditional system […]

A Marketing Program For The Laymen

Having no knowledge of programming or SEO is not an obstacle to operate a successful site, and present in the top of search engines. No need to lie with experts in the field, with consequent loss of control over vital aspects of the site, plus the resulting costs will be paid. And we all know […]